Karachi Airport Guide to Karachi Airport - Jinnah (KHI)

Karachi Airport Bus

At Karachi Airport passengers have at their disposal the bus services attached below.

Please note that the average transfer time is about 50 minutes, which makes bus the slowest mean of transportation:

Airport Bus City Line: UTS-12

This service follows the route from Malir (Kohkrapar) to Tower (including areas such as Kohkrapar, Saudaabad, Kalaboard, among others).

Fare: Rs 60.00

Airport Bus City Line: UTS-13

By this bus route it is possible to get to Surjani Town by Malir City, Kalabord, Natakhan, Drig Roadm, etc.

Fare: Rs 60.00

Airport Bus City Line: 22-B

Transfer from Agra taj Colony to Qazafi Town by Karachi Airport.

Some of the locations: Lea Market, Pakistan quarters, National Stadium, Malir, etc.

Fare: Rs 60.00


The Karachi Airport Terminal pick up point is located opposite Jinnah International Airport. Contact: 021 34684200 / 021 34684300

Some of the bus routes displayed above stops at the Bus Terminal in downtown Karachi.

If you are interested in taking another bus service, we strongly recommend you to get to the Bus Terminal by either taxi or rickshaw, since it is located 15 km from the main terminal (28 minutes).