Karachi Airport Informational Guide to Jinnah International Airport (KHI) - Non Official

Airport Taxi Karachi

By taxi you can get directly to downtown Karachi within 40 minutes.

We strongly recommend to pick up a licensed and trustful taxi from the airport as well as from any destination within Pakistan.

As an advice, please make sure that the taxi has the meter activated prior your departure since some drivers are reticent to turn it on.


Taxi rank is located outside Arrivals although some companies such as Metro Radio Cab have its pick up point at the parking lot level.

taxi Companies

There are three taxi companies that provide service at the airport:

- Metro Radio Cab: +92 111-222-787

- White Cab: +92 111-789-786

- Taxi Yellow Cab Service: +92 21 3460 1919

Service hours: 24/7.


The fare for a one-way trip to downtown Karachi is about Rs 594.38.

More details as follows:

Start Price: Rs 100.00

Waiting time: Rs 80.76


Rickshaws are available to all passengers that need to travel short distances, from Karachi Airport to city center for example.

Rickshaws are banned in the south district of the city due to traffic jams.

Passengers can pick up a rickshaw at the parking area and entrance.

We recommend passengers to argue a price with the driver before departing.

See some of the rickshaw companies in Karachi:

- Call-a-Rik: +92 331 2255745

- Chingchi Rickshaw

Fares: Rs 10.00 / km