Karachi Airport Guide to Karachi Airport - Jinnah (KHI)

Transportation Karachi Jinnah Airport

Even the easiest and fastest way to reach/leave Karachi Airport is by road, there are several kinds of means of transportation: Bus, railway, taxi and rickshaws.

See below the available transportation options at Karachi Airport:


Bus and mini buses

There are buses and mini buses that run between Karachi airport and other destinations. Passengers can try to book the service before their arrival at KHI Airport.

Available sercives: Airport Bus City Line UTS-12, Airport Bus City Line UTS-13, Airport Bus City Line 22-B.

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The closest railway station from the airport is Drigh Road Railway Station or Jinnah Airport Station, which is located at 3 km from the terminal (8 min by car). Please, note that not all trains stop there.

To make sure you’ll be able to board the train you wish, please get to either Karachi Cantonment Railway Station or Karachi City Station. You can get there by taxi or rickshaw.

If you wish to purchase your ticket, the railway office is located on the Ground Floor of the terminal.

Phone: 4671160.

Website: www.pakrail.com


From Karachi Airport it is quite easy to get to and from downtown by taxi, since it will take you no more than 40 minutes.

Find taxis outside Arrivals.

Expect an average fare of Rs 594.38.

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Rickshaws are available to all passengers that need to travel short distances, from the Airport to Karachi city center for example.

Please note that rickshaws are banned in the south district of the city due to traffic jams.

Passengers can pick up a rickshaw at the parking area and entrance.

We recommend passengers to argue a price with the driver before departing.

See some of the rickshaw companies in Karachi:

- Call-a-Rik: +92 331 2255745

- Chingchi Rickshaw

Fares: Rs 10.00 / km

Car rental

At the Karachi Airport there are different car rental agencies that provide service.

Check here to take a look at the different vehicles and options to book online your vehicle prior your arrival.